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Episode 105: Namielle

Just a two man pod this week, as Luke and Andy hunt the one that sleeps in the deep.

Episode 104: Velkhana

The Iceborne dragon, the flagship, the queen herself. Velkhana, Velkhanaaaa, Velkhanaha, Velkhanaargh, Velkhanabba, Velvkhanappyfeet, Velkhanantz . . .

Episode 103: Leshen

Our crossover double bill concludes with some Witching!

Episode 102: Behemoth

Jay adores Final Fantasy, Luke has barely played a minute of it and Andy is somewhere in the middle, so we have the full sweep of opinions for this crossover episode. Get in touch! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonsterMashPod Facebook: https://facebook.com/MonsterMashPod Support this show and its sister shows! https://patreon.com/PodcastioPodcastius

Episode 101: Kulve Taroth

The big, gold siege monster. We have . . . mixed feelings. Twitter: https://twitter.com/monstermashpod Facebook: https://facebook.com/monstermashpod Support this show and its sister shows! https://patreon.com/podcastiopodcastius

Episode 100: Monster Hunter Rise Demo

Our 100th episode, can you believe it? And what a present Capcom gave us for our birthday. Also featuring the triumphant return of Jas! Find the show! Twitter: https://twitter.com/monstermashpod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterMashPod Support the show and its sister shows: https://patreon.com/podcastiopodcastius

Episode 99: Banbaro

The design, hunt and ecology of the Banbaro. Check out the show (finally) on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/monster-mash/id1149728297 Follow the podcast! https://twitter.com/MonsterMashPod Find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterMashPod Find us on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7bc8Xvt7otq0Bu6xkQnW7Q Subscribe to the RSS: https://gintendo-namer.squarespace.com/monster-mash?format=rss

Outtakes 2020

Let’s finish off a shit of a year with a joke of a podcast. Plenty of extended or deleted nonsensical tangents. Come back in the new year for real podcasts about Iceborne’s monsters and before you know it- Monster Hunter Rise!

Episode 97: Endemic Life

Luke (joking): “Let’s do an episode about all the Endemic Life”. Jay: Yes. Luke: I am not editing that.

Episode 96: Small and Returning Monsters Part 2

And now for the second part of our absolute nonsense about Monster Hunter World’s small monsters and the monsters that return from previous games. EDIT: Now with music that lines up properly!

Episode 96: Small and Returning Monsters Part 1

This week, the first half of a compilation episode of the small monsters and returning monsters from earlier games that appear in Monster Hunter World.

Episode 95: Xeno'jiiva

Behold! Only three years after the game’s release, the boys conclude the monsters from the main campaign of Monster Hunter World by fighting the mysterious Xeno’jiiva! This is your last sensible episode for a while; things are going to be a bit silly over the Christmas period. Then we’ll cover the Iceborne monsters and the countdown to Rise can begin!

Episode 94: Va'al Hazak

The creepy death dragon, shrouded in corpses, rolling in Effluvia and pretty frustrating to fight. And your boy Luke Summerhayes even joined the hunt after rushing out to buy a PS4 and putting in a week of Monster Hunter World!

Episode 93: Nergigante

No Jay this week, but Luke, Andy and Muss bring you great chat about the Nergigante. With some nonsensical digressions at the start and the end, naturally.

Episode 92: Bazelgeuse

We tried our best to make both the stupidest episode ever and the most serious, all at once. Experience some cooking show chat, some attempts at impressions of monster noises and discussions of Hiroshima and the firebombings of Tokyo and Dresden. Oh, and Bazelgeuse.

Episode 91: Dodogama

Here’s a podcast about probably the most beloved monster in the whole of Monster Hunter World. A big beautiful frog who may or may not look like Tetsucabra.

Episode 90: Zorah Magdaros

Well, it’s 2 years and a month later than we promised but here’s our episode about the Zorah Magdaros. In our defence, it does feel like it takes two years and a month to fight the Zorah Magdaros . . . Anyway, this is basically what Monster Mash is like. A deep dive into a monster from Monster Hunter. If you’re new, why not go back and check out episodes about monsters you know and love? Just been warned, if you go back to the first twenty or thirty you might not like the sound quality . . .

Episode 89: The Return of Monster Mash

Hello? Is thing on? It’s been slightly over two years but, energised by the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise we are podcasting about Hunting monsters again!This is a catch-up with the boys, their thoughts on Monster Hunter World two and a half years on and their speculations about the upcoming games and movie. Starting from next week, we’re picking right back up where we left off with a podcast about the Zorah Magdaros.

Episode 88: Odogaron

It's a lonelier episode of Monster Mash than you're used to this week - join the Dynamic Duo of Andy and Jay as they tackle everyone's favourite flesh pupper, Odogaron. 

Episode 87: Legiana

In this episode, the boys dream of ice areas as they chat about the Legiana: features such nonsense as "is Legiana the only new flying wyvern in MHW?" Make sure you stick around to the very end to find out Jay's favourite Black Eyed Peas song. Also, ping us a tweet if you missed the hunt snippets at the end - we're trying something new considering we're uploading the hunts in full now.

Episode 86: Radobaan

The boys wax lyrical about tar, peat and the Radobaan in a very sticky episode of Monster Mash. Enjoy!

Episode 85: Great Girros

In a Monster Mash first, Andy takes over the reins for editing and puts together a perfectly adequate cast. Enjoy.

Episode 84: Paolumu

This week, the boys are supposed to be discussing the big, good, fluffy bat Paolumu but it's honestly just a train wreck. Muss quite accurately likens it to this video. If you miss the good old days when man in Japan Luke Summerhayes provided excellent monster-based content, you're in luck! Check out his new video and podcast series Luke Loves Pokémon. Find it on twitter @LukeLovesPKMN Like what you heard? Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Follow Monster Mash on twitter. Produced and edited by Luke Summerhayes. Featuring the voices of: Andrew Rice Jay Moyles Jas Stewart Alex Musselwhite Get the RSS feed in your podcasting app. The podcast is on youtube if that's what you're into, and for this season we'll be uploading full hunts on the off weeks.

Episode 83: Tzitzi Ya-Ku

Just a three-man show this week as Andy, Jay, and Jas talk you through a blue dinosaur with a light bulb on his head.

Episode 82: Anjanath

The design, hunt and ecology of the Anjanath

Episode 81: Tobi-Kadachi

Join the lads for another episode of Monster Mash in which they discuss this big lightning squirrel lizard. The lads talk about ol' Tobes himself alongside discussing the map design of the Ancient Forest. Enjoy!

Episode 80: Jyuratodus

Big fish must die

Episode 79: Pukei Pukei

He's big. He's green. He's a lizard. He's a frog. He's a bully. He's a flower. He's a bitch. He's a lover. He's a child. He's a mother. He's a sinner. He's a saint. He does not feel ashamed. He's Pukei Pukei!

Episode 78: Kulu Ya Ku

He block. He knock. But most importantly, he love rock. This week, the lads discuss the adorable chicken Kulu Ya Ku. And because Luke is still travelling Japan, nobody was on hand to bring up real life prehistoric analogues like the terror bird. Shocking.

Episode 77: Great Jagras

After a two week break, Monster Mash is back!  It's time for season three, and this is the one you've all been waiting for: we're covering the monsters from Monster Hunter World! Some slight changes going forwards. You'll be hearing less of Luke (though he's still producing and editing, and writing this in the third person) but instead you'll hear from Alex Musselwhite, who'd pretty chill. We're going to be bringing you episodes bi-weekly, but on the off weeks we'll be uploading our full pre-recording hunts to youtube. We're also going to get back to properly updating our facebook and youtube channels. Please get on whatever social media or podcasting apps you have and spread the word!